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Experience Joy & Freedom in Your Movement with Personalized In Person or Virtual Sessions…

Created in person or virtual session, discover how freely you can move, and how calmly you can live. Designed for in person or virtual session engagement. Personalized sessions guide you toward a newfound freedom in your movement, a heightened awareness of your body’s potential, and a life painted with more vibrancy and ease. Heighten your awareness of new ways to move that will improve your flexibility and joy in moving. Allow pain to melt away, your posture to improve, and your breath to expand through your body. Affect areas like your daily habits, hobbies, existing fitness workouts, and self-care practices.

Unearth Tools Designed Just for You…

I have lived with pain 24/7 due to fighting cancer for 13 years. I worked with Marty using virtual sessions. She helped me internalize that my body is worth everything. She helped me learn how to slow down, to touch and feel what is going on with my body. Instead of beating myself up for the pain I feel, she helped me turn my mind around and encouraged me to allow myself to feel, care, and love for myself.

Tamara Weinstein ~ New York

I used to accept increasing pain as just part of nature, aging and stress. After a Trager session I feel longer, leaner, fluid, and energized. Now each day is an opportunity to feel better and grow stronger.

Dianna ~ Pilates Instructor

Your Journey, Your Pace…

In 1981, when I discovered the Trager® Approach, I left Esalen Institute walking, moving, and playing in a new dimension of awareness. This method uses simple movements, or “Mentastics”, a combination of mental and gymnastics, to free patterns of movement and encourage mind-body synergy. Allowing the mind to travel along with you…asking, “what could be lighter, freer, softer?” is the key to shifting out of old habitual ways of being. In our sessions, we’ll explore these potent principles together, tailoring them to your unique needs.

Relax into Calm…

If you desire more emotional support to calm and relax, you will learn many simple tools to bring the feeling of calm into any moment of your day. Through exploration, we choose the tools of breathing, soft balls, movement and guided relaxation that work best for you. My voice is soothing. My suggestions for shifting your awareness come out of listening to what you need and how you can put these tools easily into your daily practices.

Step into a World of Possibilities as we Create Simple Tools that fit into Your Lifestyle…

“There is a way of being which is lighter, which is freer… a way in which work and play become a dance and living a song.
We can learn this way.” ~ Milton Trager, M.D.

Discover simple effective movements to lighten everyday activities. As stiffness eases you will move with more agility, comfort and confidence. After a few Trager sessions, Mobility sessions or Esalen Massage you can feel better than you have in years.

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I am singing Trager’s praises to my friends and family. I feel so wonderful and sleep like a baby.

Janet -Retired Home Builder

It is pleasurable. It’s benefits are so many, so simple and so easy to obtain that they can become permanently yours.

Milton Trager, M.D.

Learn More and Discover a Key to the Possibility of Lasting Change…

Learn more about the Neuroscience of why Trager and Marty’s approach to Esalen Massage and Mobility in person or Virtual help you shift into the thinking that effects change. What’s possible if I…? What could be softer, freer, lighter? We will work on discovering how you want to learn. What do you want to shift? What do you want to work into your daily life?

Choose to work with me in person or virtually. If you have further questions, let’s talk…

Explore the Resources page to learn more. Enjoy more videos about Trager, Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity, a key to shift and lasting change.