Marty’s Story…

Like many of you, I have experienced accidents, illness, loss, trauma, and high levels of stress. In my 20’s I lived in daily pain. I tried many doctors and alternative ways to help. I was told to accept my pain and learn to relax, that I would always be tense. I gave up my career in accounting to become a Massage Therapist in 1978. My training led to Esalen Institute in 1980. There I found the joy of doing the Trager® Therapy Approach and Esalen Massage in Portland Oregon. Each step along the way I learned about my pain and explored deeper into myself. It was Trager® that freed my pain. It was the experience of being invited to feel a way I had never been able to feel before. This gave me new freedom in my movement, supple muscles, joy, and vitality. In 1986 I published a relaxation CD. I wanted to teach the world to relax and create my own TV show. Life went in a different direction. Today I’m discovering new ways to teach.

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My Experience & Training…

The process of shifting my career, discovering myself, and training in many different modalities, I always come back to Trager® and Esalen Massage. For 14 years I was honored to train with Milton Trager, M.D. who was way ahead of his time in the world of bodywork. My body has stayed free, my vitality and joy continues. My career of 45 years brings me the reward of helping all types of people free the pain that keeps them stuck, opening the channel to more relaxation, joy, and vitality.

My Approach…

My humor, compassion, and love for people give me the opportunity to create a partnership with each client to reach their desires in how they want to live in their bodies. We choose together, regular sessions, a concentrated growth series, mobility training, or private virtual sessions.

There is a way of being

 which is lighter, which is freer…

  a way in which work and play

  becomes a dance and living a song.

We can learn this way.

~ Milton Trager, M.D.

More About Marty…

I love knitting, horses, lifting weights and working within a fitness community. I’m joyous, loving, and full of laughter.

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