Esalen Massage

Experience the Harmony of Esalen Massage…

We work together to bring the level of depth you desire, gentle or deep. The session is personalized for you with an effective combination of strokes, movement, breath & pause. This allows your mind to settle and let the pain dissolve. You may choose the added luxury of a hot towel foot and back wrap.

I appreciate the safe, respectful environment Marty provides during her sessions. I really enjoy Marty’s ability to integrate my mind and body into her practice relaxing my consciousness and rejuvenating my muscles. Her bodywork has a lasting effect, and her post appointment instructions help maintain those changes and improvements.

Samu Talkarri ~ Oregon

After each session my mind and body have let go more than ever before.

Regina ~ Student

It’s like going from the battle zone to the beach.

Cathy ~ High Level Care Provider

Release, Relax, and Let Go…

As we work together, you’ll be supported to evolve beyond old patterns or transcend into the dreamland of your mind. An Esalen Massage will release old muscle memory from injury, chronic pain, or trauma. You are free to move into new freedom in your body and mind. Simple self-care tools are available to maintain relaxation and new muscle freedom.

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Add the luxury of hot towels…

The heat of the towels is warming, calming, and relaxing.

Samu Talkarri ~ Oregon

The hot towels are a nice little extra! We both like them on our feet and back, but especially our feet.

Ann & Ron ~ Oregon

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