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Come with Me into the Future as I Discover my Blog…

In March 2023 I began to build my first website after 45 years of being in practice offering the TragerĀ® Approach, Mobility, and Esalen Massage in Portland Oregon. Write a Blog, my coach said. What will I write about? After I rest from creating this website, I will begin that inquiry. What would you like to hear about? I have vast experience in life and laughter. I’m sure there are numerous topics about life, the body, pain, trauma, or maybe just something light and fun. What’s possible for me to write… I will stand in curiosity. I’m sure I will come up with topics to entertain you and provide information that will serve your questions. Leave me a comment… what would you like me to write about? what are you curious to learn about my work and how it can benefit you?

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See you soon, Marty