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Schedule Your Trager®Therapy, Esalen Massage, Mobility in person or Virtual session today.

Trager Approach or Esalen Massage…

Release tension and discover tranquility with these therapies that have proven effective for stress relief, pain alleviation, and enhanced mobility.

$130 – 90 minutes (Most preferred)

$125 – 75 minutes

$100 – 60 minutes

Each session includes a personalized check-in for your needs, ensuring your journey is tailored uniquely for you.

Mobilility Training, In Person…

Unlock new dimensions of movement in your daily life, fitness workouts, and hobbies. Empower your body to break free.

$100-$130 choose 60-90 minutes

Private Virtual Sessions

Experience the convenience of transformation in the comfort of your home.

$100-$130 choose 60-90 minutes

Record the session from your computer, and revisit the healing experience at your convenience.

Add-ons for an Elevated Experience…

Hot towel foot and back wrap with refreshing basil essential oil, or Hot Spot S Rocks, for an additional $10 each. Indulge in added luxury that amplifies your relaxation and healing.

The heat of the towels is warming, calming and relaxing.

Samu Talkarri ~ Oregon

The hot towels are a nice little extra! We both like them on our feet and back, but especially our feet.

Ann & Ron ~ Oregon

Payment at time of session…

~ Cash ~ Check

~ Credit ~ Venmo

Tips gratefully accepted, never expected.

Cancelation Consideration

With less than 24 hours notice please expect to make payment, unless you send someone in your place.

Membership to RDFit is not needed to schedule a session.

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I suffered severe neck and shoulder tension causing headaches that lasted 3 days. After my first session my neck felt much better and I haven’t had a headache since. The hip and leg pain I had for years disappeared after three sessions and I’ve learned how to keep it at bay.

Janet ~ Independent Sales Rep

I am singing Trager’s praises to my friends and family. I feel so wonderful and sleep like a baby.

Nancy ~ Administrative Assistant

Schedule your Trager® Therapy, Esalen Massage in Portland Oregon, Mobility in person or Virtual Session today. Use online scheduling, text, or a phone call if you have further questions, 503-222-3811.