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Trager®, the heart of transformative relaxation, is the most favored therapy among my clientele for its pleasurable relaxation and effective, enduring results. Long-standing pain, stress, injuries, or trauma find their remedy, leading to improved movement, balance, posture, quality sleep, and a breath of fresh vitality.

Stress is replaced with relaxation that lasts well beyond the immediate session. Some clients experience 4-5 days of their body shifting. You become freer and lighter in everyday activity. Each session is cumulative. The dynamic of shift becomes apparent.

Milton Trager, M.D., the genius behind Trager, was an acrobat and boxer. He began developing the bodywork and mobility movements at 18 to help himself and people move freer in their workouts, relieve pain and free the stresses that kept them stuck. He became a doctor at the age of 40 to spread his work into the field of bodywork. I was honored to train with him for 14 years. He stated:

“Every shimmer of tissue is sending a message to the unconscious mind in the form of a positive feeling experience. It is the accumulation of these positive patterns that can offset the negative patterns… Nothing can change until the old pattern is broken.”

Immerse in this profound truth during your Trager Journey…

Discover what clients say about Trager with Marty…

Marty’s Trager sessions have addressed the tension in my muscles and joints on a deep, lasting level, much more than other bodywork I have tried. The gentle movement during Marty’s work seems to target the root of my neck and upper back issues, providing long-term relief rather than fleeting respite. Her wisdom, honed over 45 years of working with clients, amplifies the effectiveness of her treatments.

Marie ~ Oregon

My favorite part of the session was the feeling of true relaxation of my​ joints that supported better alignment and function. The overall experience of lasting effects went well beyond the immediate session. I experienced a shift in the way I thought about my body’s movements which has helped with my everyday functions. Marty taught me a new way of thinking about my body’s mechanics.

Peter DeLuca ~ Oregon

How might Trager reshape your life?

Inside a Trager Session…

During a Trager session, clients lie on a warm padded table in a comfortable ambiance. Each session is designed specifically for your personal challenges and modified as your needs change, giving you lasting results. The bodywork is pleasurable hands-on oil free gentle compression, rocking, and pause. This unique and innovative combination allows your body to move freely and comfortably. Your mind will let go… leaving stress and tightness behind.

The bodywork is often coupled with simple, empowering mobility and self-care tools for continued care at home. Milton Trager named these mobility movements “Mentastics”, coined together as mental gymnastics. These movements create profound results in person or virtually.

Are you ready to start your journey toward a pain-free and more relaxed life? Don’t wait, secure your Trager session now.

Benefits of Trager Therapy…

Each session is cumulative, paving the way for improved range of motion, deeper relaxation, and relief from patterns caused by trauma or injury. You will envision moving with freedom, grace, and less effort. You will experience more vitality, freedom, and joy. Replace habits of ‘holding on’ with new ways of ‘letting go’.

It is pleasurable. Its benefits are so many, so simple and so easy to obtain that they can become permanently yours.

Milton Trager, M.D.

Milton Trager’s work will benefit anyone wishing to lead a healthier and more dynamic life.

Deepak Chopra

By experiencing joy through movement, one can experience more joy in life.

Milton Trager, M.D.

Maintain Lasting Results with Simple and Effective Movements to Enhance Your Sessions…

Learn movements that will increase your mobility and help in your everyday activities to manage stress and keep you from getting tense. Add these movements into your fitness routines for greater flexibility and recovery.

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More about Trager…

Embrace the Trager experience. Open the door to enduring relief, freedom from pain, increased mobility and profound relaxation. The path to better health and well-being is just one click away. Schedule your personalized Trager® Therapy session today.

I was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia 10 years ago and suffered with debilitating pain and physical exhaustion. After Trager, I now live a very active lifestyle without any physical restrictions. My mental health benefits as well. I apply the relaxation techniques to avoid a downward spiral. I have my body back!

Holly ~President List Brokerage Firm

Curious to learn more about Trager? Want to know more about why it’s called an Approach? Read the inspirational story of how Milton Trager, M.D. serendipitously discovered the Trager® Approach principles at the tender age of 18.

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