Dive into a world beyond relaxation. Relax your body, relieve your pain, and rest your mind. Free yourself from the chains of pain and stress that keep you stuck. Marty has been transforming lives with Trager® Therapy, self-care tools, and Esalen Massage in Portland Oregon since 1978. Virtual Sessions are now available.

Achieve Lasting Pain Relief with the Trager Approach…

The Trager® Approach, developed by Milton Trager, M.D., is a hands-on pleasurable bodywork and movement therapy. It is an invitation to feel newly into the areas that have been blocked, stuck, or numbed off. Marty works with you using compression, calming movement, breath and pause, for what clients refer to as lasting, effective results. This partnership allows your body and mind to retrain or reset leaving you with a renewed sense of yourself and what is possible. Flexibility and mobility are then enhanced with simple recall and self-care techniques to keep you in this freer-moving body and state of relaxation.

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Release Stress and Enhance Well-Being with Esalen Massage…

With Esalen massage, you are guided into your personal experience. Through compassionate, empathetic listening Marty helps you reach the intention you desire. Pressure varies as you relax and allow her hands to move in at your pace. As your body releases into a pleasurable sensation of pressure, pause and movement, old pain patterns let go, stress melts quickly away and the sense of well-being is enhanced.

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Ultimate Relaxation, Design Your Perfect Trager or Esalen Massage Session…

Do your shoulders want to bounce freely and your neck swing without pain? Do you want your legs and hips to move in an effortless way, and your back soften into comfort? Maybe it’s stress and sleepless nights you want to banish, posture you want to improve, or relaxation you want to experience. Do you want your fitness routine to be free of pain as you build strength and endurance?

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Discover the Path to Pain Free Living…

Through in person or virtual sessions you learn simple self-care movements to release pain, free restricted movement patterns, bring relaxation and pleasure to your body and mind. Explore with Marty the areas of your body where you want to feel freer. Discover ways to shift your thinking into pleasure, fun and vitality as you are guided to shift into new movement and thought.

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Hear from Satisfied Clients…

Marty delivers lasting and measurable results. Over a series of treatments, she completely unlocked my back and my neck, which had been tight for decades. It’s been 12 years since she unlocked me, and the stiffness has never returned. She permanently changed my physique.

Nicole ~ Oregon & California

Bootcamp exercises were killing me. After two Trager sessions with Marty, I had no more pain. ​She gave me simple movement homework exercises to add to my daily life and Bootcamp.

Scott Humphrey ~ Oregon

I was having pain in my shoulder that would not go away. I worked with Marty over Zoom. She helped me be soft and kind to my body. This made me realize I had been angry with my shoulder for giving me pain. Once I stopped the anger, the pain went away. I have not had a problem with it since. She gave me simple movements to practice while standing in line anyplace. These motions keep my knees from bothering me. I got all of this from a few sessions. I can only imagine how much is possible from many sessions.

Reverend Rita Atlas ~ California

Much like this flower, your body is guided into play, softness, and springy delight. Your muscles will feel free and supple as fascia releases.

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Learn simple tools to experience joy & freedom… Mobility in person or virtual sessions

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